Dear Dr Figueiredo , I am writing to express my and my families deep sense of gratitude for having conducted a successful operation on my spine, You will be happy to note that I am recovering rapidly so much so that all my earlier pains and agonies have vanished. Being a goan myself,I am proud that a young son of soil like you has achieved so much at such a young age. Your approach and attitude towards your patients make me state that not only are you a brilliant surgeon but equally a good human being. kindly convey my special thanks to your nursing staff. Once again many many thanks
-Ramesh Sarmalkar

I developed chronic pain in my upper back & both arms from June 2014. By Sept 1st week I started losing energy in my legs & by 3rd week of Sept I lost complete control in both limbs. MRI on 10th Oct revealed extra growth in Cervical spine which turned out to be TB. Under the able guidance of Dr. Antonio Figueiredo I was operated the very next day and I regained motion in both my limbs immediately. From then on I have been on medication & intensive physiotherapy. It is Christmas 2014 now & I can climb a flight of stairs with assistance. I am full of gratitude to Dr. Figueiredo & his wonderful team from Appollo Victor Hospitals, and am very confident of living a normal life again. God Bless all of them.
-Mrs. Sunita Mudholkar

For almost two weeks, I had excruciating pain in my left leg that walking was very difficult. I had MRI which showed that I needed surgery immediately. Dr Antonio Figueiredo examined me and within 24 hours of the MRI, I had the surgery. 3 hours after surgery, I was able to walk short distance without pain and was discharged next day. A week later, we returned to Canada (over 30 hour journey) and my personal Canadian physician noted that the procedure on me was very well done and service provided would match or exceed one that would be given in Canada. I am extremely grateful to Dr. Antonio and Apollo staff. IJ Boga, Canada
-IJ Boga

I had severe back pain radiating to my leg.My MRI showed a slip disc.i visited two doctors who advised me immediate surgery.Dr Antonio Figueiredo examined me and saw my mri he opined that my slip disc was small and I could be treated with only and epidural steroid injection and nerve root block.i underwent the procedure and am totally pain free.I am gratefully that I could be treated without surgery.
-rakesh sharma

Starting 2014 we were in goa for my husband\'s sisters wedding. This time the only things we wanted to do was to have fun.But God had planned something else for us. on 12th jan 2014 we reached goa and on that very night my husband was brutally hit on his head with an iron rod which incurred in a severe head injury and a huge clot of blood in the brain.Then we took him to Apollo hospital (Margao, Goa)for treatment. It was 3am on 13 th jan and we were not sure if we could save Vibhu (my husband) but fortunately in the form of God we meet Dr Antonio Figureido who decided to operate vibhu and remove the blood clot. At this point of time all we could do was to pray and wait. At 8am Dr Antonio finished the surgery and it was successful but danger still prevailed but the doctor assued us that he would be absolutely fine. At 10 am vibhu opened his eyes for the first time and we all took a sigh of relief that he atlast he was safe. From that day onwards till date ive seen improvements in him every single day. he has recovered at a faster pace and all thanks to Dr Atonio who is the same age as my husband is has an expertise in all that he did for us.vibhu has now recovered fully and recently started working full time. Apart from being an experienced doctor Dr Antonio is a wonderful and a positive person and he has always supported me throughout and thanking him is not enough for what he has done for us. I would like to thank Dr Antonio on my and vibhus familys behalf for being an exceptional doctor that he is. I wish him all the best for his future. Thanks Diya kapila
-vandana jarial(diya)

Assurance and confidence in someone who is to perform a major surgery contributes to about 99% of an early healing. This is what any patient would feel when meeting Dr. Antonio. I was diagnosed with a low grade brain tumour in August 2011 in Brisbane, Australia, and the only symptom that caused me to go to hospital was a seizure. I was kept under observation for a couple of days before I was sent home. Over a period of a year I suffered another 3 seizures. That’s when I knew things were amiss. I wasn’t ready to have the surgery done in Australia due to the absence of family, and decided to come to Goa and consult with a neurosurgeon. I was advised to meet Dr. Antonio by a close friend and my local GP. When I stepped into his office, I felt the peace and serenity that you would in a confident yet humble doctor’s office. His approach was more of that of a family member. I was scheduled for surgery on the 22nd of April 2013, and even though this was one my first surgeries, I was totally calm, knowing that I was in God’ hand and in the hand’s of an able doctor. In Australia, I was told that I would require rehabilitation. I remember waking up after the surgery feeling great. We found out that the tumour was a grade 3 tumour, and even after I was advised chemotherapy, he researched the tumour mass with a couple of top pathologists who recommended no need of chemotherapy treatment. I underwent a short bout of radiation, and all went well. All through post operative care and even today, he has kept in touch to check how I am doing. I am currently back at work in Australia, feeling even better and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to any patient’s with neurological disorders. All the best to you Dr. Antonio.
-Claude J. Rodrigues

In November 2013, I was at my halfway point traveling around the world - a trip of a life time. The only problem was, I had an extremely sore back and shooting pains down my legs. An MRI later, I was told I needed spine surgery to fix a severely herniated disc. I was devastated. Dr Antonio filled me a confidence. He told me all about the procedure, the risks, the recovery and even contacted my neurologist in Australia to discuss medication because I have multiple sclerosis. My surgery was successful and I owe Dr Antonio so much for making me mobile again. It won\\\'t be long until I can continue on my trip of a lifetime!
-Caitlin McKay _Australia

While on a holiday to goa I had a severe headache , the most severe in my life.i visited Dr Antonio Figueiredo who immediately got a ct scan and cerebral angiography done .it showed an aneurysm of my brain artery.i underwent a very delicate surgery which lasted 5 hours.i am absolutely fine now am back in england and looking forward to my next trip to the place I love goa.
-jonathan Russell

On Sunday  January 27th 2013, I was cycling on the beach at Betalbatim inthe early evening. My front wheel went into a hole which someone had dug,and I was thrown over the handle bars and landed on my back.  At first Iwas bruised and my hip, back and shoulder  were hurting. Although my hipand shoulder cleared up, my back remained painful.  I started gettingnumbness in both my legs and feet and I was slowly loosing all feeling andwas starting to stoop.On February 19th 2013 as I was no better , the local Doctor  referred meto see Dr Antonio at the Apollo Victor Hospital in Margao.After taking x-rays and an MRI, Dr Antonio advised me I had damaged a diskwhich was trapping nerves and that surgery was the only option.  Headmitted me on February 21st, operated on my spine on February 22nd. Herang my husband as soon as the operation was over to tell him it had been100% successful and allowed him into the ICU to see me straight away. Thisput my husbands mind at rest.  I was discharged on February 24th with allfeeling back in my legs and feet. He allowed me to fly back to the UK with17 staples in my back.  They were removed on March 8th and I danced at mygranddaughter’s engagement on March 9th. 9 weeks have  passed and I am nowin Florida, USA. I’m cycling, swimming and walking every day. I am sograteful to Dr Antonio and would advise anyone who is worried about goingahead with surgery, DON’T. You will be in the hands of an exceptionallytalented surgeon.  I am a very happy lady and swear I am now standing  2”taller.. Thank you Dr Antonio.Mrs Kathleen Scarth. Cramlington, England. Age 66.
-Mrs kathleen Scarth Cramlington England

While we were at goa my husband had a large hematoma in the brain .He was operated by Dr Figueiredo and made a good recovery.We loved the medical system in goa as things are prompt unlike the NHS.Our neurologist was surprised to see my husband walk through the door without any neuro deficit after reading about his condition in goa.I would definitely recommend dr figueiredo to anyone who has a brain problem
-Glenda sherry England

Dr Antonio is exceptional in what he does.My mum had a brain tumour and was in bad shape prior to surgery.She underwent a delicate surgery and was talking soon after surgery.We were pleased with the whole experience.
-Robin schofield UK

Dr Figueiredo was excellent and is brilliant in what he does.He was very professional and explained the entire procedure for fixing my broken spine very well.the operation was fantastic and saved me from being paralyzed. In a strange country Dr figueiredo made us feel very comfortable. We got great service at the hospital.
-keith martin .England

While in goa I had severe headache following which I was diagnosed as having a brain tumour.Dr antonio operated me and I am absolutely fine.The entire course in the hospital was quick and hassle free.I am back home now in England. With lots of gratitude to this kind doctor and the Apollo hospital
-Jennifer .Birmingham England

Everthing went great because of Dr Antonio Figueiredo my mother was saved and had a very fast recovery .My mother was unconsious and on a ventilator because of a stroke in her brain. We had all given up hope.Dr Antonio asked us not to worry just pray to god. I told doctor I am leaving my mother in your hands and we prayed to god. After the surgery doctor said she would recover in 24 hrs but she opened her eyes the very next morning. The surgery was very sucessfull. Dr Antonio to us is very close to god. We had heard a lot of good things about him before and after the surgery. Words are not enough to thank him. I keep him. In my prayers everyday so that all his surgeries are sucessfull.
-Rosy Fernandes betalbatim Goa

My mother had a brain abcess and was very critical. Doctors said she would not recover.luckily we heard of Dr Figueiredo from our cousin as he had saved him after an accident.We shifted my mother to apollo hospital and she was operated. She made a good recovery.After the surgery Dr Antonio took great care of my mother. He would visit her many times in the day and night. On the next day he had two operations and even in between the operations he came to check on my mother.my mother is absolutely normal and we are very gratefull to Dr Figueiredo
-ana maria estebeiro

I had a acute cervical disc prolapse after a fall.following which i had weakness in both my hands and legs.Dr Antonio did a major surgey which involved putting screws and plate in my spine.The surgery could have had many possible complications like loss of voice and total paralysis.Fortunately i didnt have any .I have regained power in both my hands and legs .I am very gratefull to him.
-Sarika Shirodkar margao Goa

Doctor Antonio treated me for slip disc and operated me and three months have passed and i am fine and there are no signs of any problems. In my opinion he is one of the best neurosurgeons i have met and his personality is also very good. he is always taking care of his patients and his approach is also very good .I really see him as a God.warm regards to him i have not seen a doctor like him in my life.
-K.N.Roy Sanvordem Goa

Excellent excellent doctor . Other doctors gave no guarantee that my son would survive after his accident but doctor Antonio said Girish will be absolutely fine. other doctors said his recovery will take a month but with doctor Antonio by the 3rd 4th day he was walking, that too after a major brain surgery. doctor Antonio is really excellent.
-Girish Kamat

We had to shift our father to Apollo Victor Hospital at midnight in a critical condition.Newly joined consultant neurosurgeon Dr Antonio Figueiredo sensed the criticality of the situation and prepared the operation theatre while we were on the way.when we reached the hospital the operation theatre was ready.we were lucky to have a experienced and yet humble neurosurgeon perform the life saving surgery on our father.We will never be able to thank him enough for his efforts.We wish him sucess in his future service
-Mr shylesh Sangodkar son of Datta Sangodkar Goa ve